From Hogwash to Posh Nosh
Bloody Mary Brunch at Cafe Alma

The Place:

The Meal:

  • Brunch with a group of gals (8 total)

The hits:

  • Quiche of the Day ($9.00): a chicken/Parmesan/spinach quiche on Saturday.  Good ratio of vegetables to egg/cheese/chicken.  Filling for lunch/brunch without being too “frou frou.”  Also, spectacularly had it served with sauteed vegetables instead of fruit. MUCH better pairing with the savory quiche than fruit. Thanks kitchen staff!
  • The splitting of the bill.  Eight girls, eight separate checks, a variety of drinks served.  Well-done dividing of the bill with no complaints, etc.

The misses:

  • I like Bloody Mary’s. And I like putting whatever you want in your own “Build Your Own Bloody Mary” But for nearly $7 dollars, I would prefer a bit less ice (my dining companions and I asked the hostess for a spoon to remove all the ice) and a bit more “spice” in the spicy mix.
  • Parking on a Saturday market. I walked—but was quite the problem for first-timers from further North in Pinellas County!

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