From Hogwash to Posh Nosh
Sense of Home at Harvey’s 4th Street

So you know that place.  The one your friends suggest you try. And you say “Yeah! That sounds great! I’d love to go there.”  And then one thing leads to another.  You forget.  You remember. You forget.  You don’t want to deviate from the norm.

Then, one Sunday, it hits you.  You NEED to try this place for brunch.  You get a couple of gal pals together and head to Harvey’s 4th St. Grill (  And, like you sorta kinda expected, you find a Cheer’s meets Mom and Pop meets Cozy Comfort.  And I could watch the Green Bay/Bucs game out of the corner of my eye. (Still can’t believe that game!  Anyone else find it a strange weekend in football?)

We sat in one of the wooden booths against the wall—providing ample view of gorgeous (but small) bar.  And proceeded to order Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas to start.

Gotta say, the presentation of the mimosa threw me off.  In a water goblet with ice? But upon tasting, proved to be a much better mimosa than it’s more expensive compatriot at Cafe Alma.  This one actually had a good ratio of champagne to ever-so-slightly pulpy orange juice..  Though next time, I’d request it without the ice.  First Bloody Mary came out a bit weak—turns out our server said the Bartender forgot to add Tabasco Sauce.  Second try was infinitely better when asked for “extra spicy” as well.

Food? Filling, flavorful, and far from low-calorie.  But that’s what you want for brunch, right?  We decided it was the perfect place for hangover food or on a weeknight when you just want to chill with a Grouper Sandwich and a Beer.

Everyone at the table was pleased by their choices. From Corn Beef Hash ($6.75) to the Blackened Salmon Sandwich ($8.75), we all liked the pub grub.  I ordered the Florida Gold Sandwich ($6.95), grilled.  The sandwich is supposed to be vegetarian with avocado, sprouts, Thousand Island dressing, Swiss cheese, and tomato.  But I asked for the addition of delightfully fatty bacon, canceling out the healthy benefit of the Whole Wheat Bread—but making for an mmm, mmm benefit in the tummy.  A friendly man who we assumed was the owner brought out piping hot home-made French Fries.  I’m not a huge fry person, and these were some of the best hand-cut fries I’ve had in ages.  They even had the crispy uneven end bits that are mostly skin.

All in all a fun, casual dining experience. Suitable for all ages. With jovial wait-staff and satisfying brunch/bar food.

I’ll definitely be back!

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