From Hogwash to Posh Nosh
Apologies, Tears, Beers, and Buffalo Sauce

I like country music.

I know, I know.  You are groaning.  Rolling your eyes. Plugging your ears.

But I like it.

My friends like it, too.

So after a restorative yoga class at St. Petersburg Yoga, we decided to meet at Midtown Sundries ( for dinner.  Baseball season is over.  There are NO football games on Wednesday night. Certainly, on one of their gazillion televisions, they could put the Country Music Awards on??

We sat down in one of the booths.  We nervously waited to catch a server’s eye.  Then we asked. Politely. “Sorry to bother you, but would you mind putting the CMA’s on for us? And maybe turning the tv towards us so we can see?”

We paused. Bated breath. Then… “No problem!”

Smiles. Relief. We got our CMA’s.  Onto the beer and the food!

We enjoyed our Miller Light drafts.  Though Country Music is probably not the best for a group of girls to listen to over dinner.  Emotions, gossip, and estrogen surges are bound to develop.

We ordered and happily drank our beers while waiting for our food.  My friend’s side garden salad arrived… only to have her extra avocado and blue cheese dressing go flying from the table, spilling dressing fantastically onto the the table, the seat, the floor.  All parties involved were very kind, however, although the spill launched a strange interaction with the server.  She said I “apologized” too much. Urm… Sorry for saying sorry? Trying to be polite here.  Never knew that that was a problem.  Just say “thanks” or “ok” and leave it at that.  Please.

Food came out without any further mishaps—other than a few damp eyes/emotions from all of us (server gal, too!) when Lady Antebellum’s song “Need You Now” played at the CMA’s.  I swear, that song turns me into a puddle of tears. It was close to getting messy, but then… Huzzah! Arrival of beer and piping hot plate of Cripsy Fried Chicken with Buffalo Sauce turned things around.

I’m a big fan of the buffalo chicken at Midtown Sundries, I think it is the main reason I like to go here. (Well, to be honest, they also are a great spot for watching football!)  Add extra buffalo sauce and a dash of Tabasco to the chicken, and your good to go with a party in your mouth!  I ordered a side garden salad, as well, with added avocado.  Putting a few of the chicken strips on top the greens was a perfect match.  Getting a bite of heat, chicken, and avocado together makes for a happy tongue! I’ll never get their Blue Cheese Dressing, however.  It always seems a bit “Ranchy” to me—even looks like Ranch Dressing! I’d prefer a few more blue cheese crumbles and a little less of the buttermilky texture.  But then again, my friend loves their dressing.  So to each to her own.

All in all, another positive experience at Midtown Sundries.  We saw our CMA’s. We drank. We ate. We spilled. We apologized too much.  We cried.  We laughed. We had fun.  And I got to use my Downtown The Bloc ( card discount on the bill!

We’ll be back again soon!  Maybe for college football on Saturday… And yes, we’ll be sure to leave the feminine hormones and emotional country music at home on game day!

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