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I’ve always been a Bud Light girl.  For YEARS. The only beer I would drink was Bud Light. (Well, let me be truthful, Bud Light or PBR. But PBR was/is decidedly harder to come by when you are dining out.  Some silly people think it is not classy?  I’m still a fan. If you are a bar/restaurant and serve a PBR Tallboy, chances are, regardless of food, I’ll be back.) But then.  Over the summer. I grew a taste for—Miller Light? It’s true. I used to tease my brother’s drinking habits.  He went to college in the Midwest. They drink Miller Light in the Midwest. Blah blah blah.

I went to college in Georgia, dang it! I’m supposed to drink Bud Light and drink Coca Cola.

Only—I dont’ like soda. I only pretended to sip my Coca-Cola during the infamous “Coca Cola” graduation toast.  But-shh! That’s supposed to be hush-hush, as I’m pretty sure I’m in a photo somewhere on campus “sipping” away on my coke.  That coke that I don’t like and definitely never drank.

And, apparently, I DEFINITELY don’t like Bud Light any longer, either.

I accidentally became a fan of Miller Light. I drank it to be nice. (I’m a nice person, after all, and would rather be the minority in the drinking game than dictate what others enjoy!)

Then, in an accimidental beer drinking at Ferg’s a few months ago, I had a Bud Light. “EEEW!” I said. “There’s something wrong with this beer.”

"No," I was told. "That tastes like a Bud Light."

And it did.

After a Zumba Bash in St. Petersburg, my friend and I high-tailed it to Burrito Border for some better-than-Chipotle carbs and green guacamole-wonderfulness.

Burrito Border also offers a delightfully affordable bucket of beer.

Unfortunately? They don’t have Miller Light.

So I said, “Go with Bud Light. I won’t mind.”

Than I drank.  “Is this sweet to you???” I asked.

"Taste’s like Bud Light," she replied.


Guess a person’s taste buds really CAN change. I, a Bud Light afficianado for years, can mysteriously become a Miller Light fan in the course of a few months. Perhaps there’s some meaning behind that. But I just drink the beer. And write about the food.  Don’t ask for any kind of pithy explanation.

Beer aside, Burrito Border ( is one of my favorite spots to eat in St. Pete. I have a frequent buyer card AND get a discount with my bloc card. Burrito Border supports sustainable development, beats the heck out of Chipotle/Tijuana Flats, and has fresh “cheeps” to munch on.  Excellent!

On Friday, I enjoyed their tender carne asada on top of a naked burrito bowl (gentle on the rice/beans, heavy on the veggies, lots of guac, queso, and tons of “extra hot” salsa.)

For cool days, I advocate their soups (you can add in chicken and fixin’s).  Tuesday night? $2 Taco Tuesday won’t burn a whole in your wallet.  And when, like me, you want to fit too much crazy stuff in a whole wheat burrito? They’ll stick it in the quesadilla press and you get a neato burritodilla with a side of guacamole.

And the best part? It’s next door to the Independent.

So regardless of your preference for Bud Light/Miller Light? You’ll find something tasty and satisfying next door at the Independent. And the beer will always well-poured.

Burrito Border? You get a check-plus in my book, with a smiley face for fulfilling the necessary avocado craving.  I’ll keep-a-coming.

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