From Hogwash to Posh Nosh
Food, Fizzy Strongbow, & Friends

So, I like to go out. That’s a fact. But there are nights when I want nothing more than good companionship, flavorful, affordable food, and beer/wine.  Toss in some live music, TVs, and comfy booths and you’ve got me pleased.

On those nights when I want nothing more than to stay close to home.  And Old Northeast Tavern ( fits the bill!  Be it a Tuesday night for a glass of wine and a pressed sandwich with a girlfriend (I am fond of the prosciutto & artichoke panini, pressed panini style) or a Strongbow with the Turkey/Strawberry/Brie Croissant Sandwich, I am generally a happy camper.

Old NE Tavern is the type of restaurant/bar where you can sit for hours with friends when you actually feel like talking and catching up.  I have never felt rushed.  I have had no problems getting drink refills. But, it is also the kind of place where I’ve frequently run into other friends and acquaintances I know. At which point, the booths in the large dining room get a bit cramped.  Luckily, you can usually find more room at a table or in the larger bar-side of the tavern.

I think the tavern expects you to run into people you know? To linger over food/drinks until several of your friends show up?  The restaurant is always welcoming to late-comers and frequently asks if “someone else will be joining your group?” Though I frequently feel badly for the musicians.  I’m never quite sure anyone listens to the group perform other than their friends.  But again, perhaps that is fitting.  Neighborhood band brings neighborhood friends as neighborhood acquaintances drink, dine, and dialogue.

Still, friendliness aside, I remain baffled by the three spiffy chairs that live in the women’s restroom.  Do they expect girls to come in droves? They do only have one restroom per gender, which is a bit of a bummer on a Friday night, but I’ve never wanted a line *in* the restroom with me. I’m just saying.  Why have not one, not two, but THREE chairs just sitting in the bathroom?? It’s one of those weird kooky things about the place that has always creeped me out a bit. Goes against the whole friendly, relaxed vibe.  I certainly hope there’s a story to them…

Maybe one of those nights when I’m chatting with friends, I will feel spunky and ask the server. And maybe, as I dig into a pizza, I can make a new friend and solve the mystery of the Old Northeast Tavern’s Women’s Restroom.  Until then—I will live in wonder.  And yeah, be a little wigged out….  But I don’t mind a good quirky mystery when there’s food, beverages, and good company.

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