From Hogwash to Posh Nosh
Rollin’ Oats Detox?

A return from vacation is always a difficult thing. Never you fear, I shall have many weeks of happy eating posts pop up in the next few days.  But for right now, I battle an empty fridge and a full stomach.

Rollin’ Oats ( seemed the perfect solution.  With the Christmas season now approaching, I am needing to save my pennies while simultaneously putting healthy-ish food in my belly.  Plus, days of delectable Southern Cuisine haven’t helped my nutritional index.

Anything but turkey, pork, or fat.  That was all I asked for come lunch-time.  So, after a surprisingly effortless return to the sunny land of St. Petersburg (where I suddenly am simultaneously sick of sweating and once again long for the crisp, cool days in Eastern Georgia), my nearly empty pantry was useless.  All that remained were staples (pasta, beans, dry goods), frozen foods (the unhealthy/icky ones I never feel like eating), and peanut butter (and eating peanut butter with a spoon, while one of my favorite things, is never, ever, ever considered to be a substantial and nutritional meal).  My pantry was definitely NOT a good idea for combating the Thanksgiving over-eating blues.  A trip to Rollin’ Oats Natural Food Store was in order.  I was tempted to frequent the Whole Foods on Dale Mabry, but knew it would be impossible to make it there and back before my accupuncture appointment in downtown St. Petersburg.  Plus, I felt lazy and tired of travelling.  It happens to the best of us…

I have a few stand-bys at Rollin’ Oats. Most of them are made at the market counter.  Nearly all of them involve guacamole.  But, though tempted as I always am by the avocado, I had had guacamole the previous night at Burrito Border (partnered with hot salsa and a chicken quesadilla with drained pico de gallo, cilantro, and onion), and was prepared for a change.  I would order something new, exciting, and totally healthy…ish.

Diet? I don’t believe in those. Detox? Never really know what that means, but sure, I’ll give it a try.  So, throwing my continual guac cravings out the window, I opted to try the Entree Special of the day ($6.99).  The gal couldn’t tell me what all was in it, but there was tofu, “Autumn Tapas”, and the plate sure looked pretty. And healthy? The roll  with spicy dark sauce was vegan.  If it’s vegan, it must be healthy, detox food, right? (Apparently, WRONG. Most vegan foods have more calories than regular, to add fat/protein to vegans diets. As a non-vegan, my body probably doesn’t need all that stuff. Ah well, the crunchy vegan roll was the best part of the meal!)

My hot entree was okay, taken home and consumed with a Organic Raw Kombucha (Original).  Only problem? Just like the lady behind the counter, I never really knew what all I was eating.  There was scrambled tofu (a little heavy on the ginger, but otherwise fine, considering it *was* tofu), steamed vegetables (excellently done—still slightly crunchy!), cute sweet potato chips around the tofu, the vegan roll, some unknown product (I think a tofu dish?), more strange vegetables, and some kind of icky cold dessert that I could only guess to be some kind of vegan rice pudding thing. Yeah, that was pretty gross and went straight in the trash can after a bite.

All in all? Not bad.

Better than guacamole? Never.

Better than frozen food? For sure.

Would I get it again? Probably not.  I’ll stick to my meat-ey, guac-heavy dishes henceforth.

But I *do* now feel totally justified to begin eating Christmas cookies in a few short days, as the start of the Holiday Season truly kicks off!

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