From Hogwash to Posh Nosh

The Good (Photo One: Muffaletta at Mazzaro’s)

The Bad (Photo Two: Soggy Grilled Caprese Sandwich at Mazzaro’s)

The Ugly (No Photo Available: Dismal turkey sandwich at Cafe Bohemia)

Sandwiches are hard to do…

I’ll say that.  They can be great, they can be miserable. A whole midday can be made or destroyed by the sandwich.  Unfortunately, good ones are hard to come by.

A visit to Cafe Bohemia met with disappointment—stale bread, missing ingredients (according to menu), bland flavors, and expensive.  Additionally, forced to consume inedible coffee (at a coffee shop, no less!) that tasted like it had been left out for too long from ground coffee that had not been properly stored/perhaps was a bit too old.

The visit to Mazzaro’s? Faired better.  I just happened to chose the wrong sandwich. And you have to deal with the crowds of NYC-like proportions. (No worries of crowds at Cafe Bohemia, other than a few homeless men walking by, we were the only customers!)  But the sandwiches at Mazzaro’s are amazingly cheap!

Love the menu, love the groceries, love the prices, love the wine. Mazzaro’s you’ve got a lot going for you!  Unfortunately, I chose the wrong sandwich on a sunny Saturday earlier this month.  My Grilled Caprese was soggy and cold—the mozzarella cheese was still refrigerated while the pesto toast was wet and limp.  Sadness in sandwich form.  Luckily, however, my friend’s Muffuletta with ham, mortadella, salami, provolone, olives, etc. was GINORMOUS.  Seriously large. Seriously tasty.  Definitely not a sandwich for the wimpy.

Tossing my “toast” aside, I gratefully chowed down on the other half of my friend’s sandwich—the kind of sandwich so large you can barely get your mouth around it!

Cafe Bohemia—I shall not return.  Mazzarro’s—I shall be careful with what I order.  But I will definitely revisit the Italian Market for another large, inexpensive Muffuletta sandwich.  With a bottle of wine, live music, and a couple of friends—that Mazzaro’s lunch could be a wonderful way to spend a Saturday now that college football season is drawing to a close…

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